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Texas Oil and Gas Data Sources

Texas Data Releases

Texas v1.0 (May 2015)

Oil and Gas Data for Texas was collected from the Production Data Query Dump published and made available by the Rail Road Commission of Texas. Dataset is available for purchase here. The database dump was last updated on 12/4/2014.


Well data is sourced from the table og_well_completion. Using this table, the ten digit well API for each well could be constructed, in addition to providing information relating to the well county, district, type, wellbore and well shutin dates, as well as Rule 14(B)(2) information.

Well Production

Production data for each well is sourced from table og_lease_cycle, in which the lease number for a well is used in order to obtain the names of the operator, field and lease, in addition to the production volumes for gas, oil, condensate and case head gas.


County production data is sourced from the RRC PDQ dump, utilizing table og_county_cycle. Rows for a given county year, month, and name are summed together for primary production values displayed on the wiki to provide a more compact presentation of data. Infoboxes for each county are sourced from wikipedia's county pages.


Operator Details is sourced from the og_operator_dw table from the PDQ dump. P5 Status, SB369 status, and Financial Assurance were provided in coded forms in the table, which were decoded using information from Source Location here.

Production data for a given operator originates from table og_operator_cycle, which is displayed on each where information applies to a given operator.

Texas v2.0 (December 2020)

This was the second release of Texas oil and gas data on Wellwiki. All the data for this upgrade came from the Texas Rail Road Commission website [1]. We have used three different datasets from this website to fetch the data.

• Well layers by county

• Statewide API data

• Drilling Permit Master

Overall, this upgrade resulted in the generation of 1,079,352 new or modified Texas Well Pages; 35,604 new or modified Texas Operator Pages and 253 new or modified Texas County Pages. The team for this project consisted of Joel Gehman, Zhi Shen, and Georgio Cheruvelil. Financial support and in-kind support for this project was provided by the University of Alberta School of Business.