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Getting Started

Below, you will find a series of tips to help you navigate and contribute to WellWiki.org.



Creating a new page

MediaWiki, the platform which WellWiki uses, has many ways to start a new page. We will focus on one method, through the Search tool.

To begin, ensure you are logged in.

  1. Type the exact title you want to have in the search box at the top
    MediaWiki will automatically capitalize the first letter no. So, a page titled "eFACTS" will become "EFACTS".
  2. Select "Create the page "YOUR PAGE TITLE" on this wiki!"
    Click the link in red font coloring that matches the title of the page you wish to create. If you mistype and end up creating the page with a title you didn't want, it's easy enough to move it to the title you do want using the "Move" button at the bottom. I typically choose to not leave a redirect, in those cases.
  3. Edit your page and don't forget to save