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Occidental Petroleum Corp.

Operator Details

Operator Name: Occidental Petroleum Corp.
Other Operator Alias:

Addresses listed above are those on file with the relevant regulator.

For data sources see

Operator Well Data

Well ID State/Province County/Division Municipality/Subdivision License/Permit Date Spud Date Unconventional Configuration Well/License Status Well Pad ID
33-053-00528 ND McKenzie County 1964-10-24 Dry
33-061-00177 ND Mountrail County 1964-11-26 Dry
40-063-20024 SD Harding County 1969-10-11 Abandoned
42-127-30117 TX Dimmit County
42-127-30118 TX Dimmit County
42-127-30155 TX Dimmit County
42-127-30174 TX Dimmit County
42-199-00129 TX Hardin County
42-199-00130 TX Hardin County
42-239-03768 TX Jackson County
42-239-03787 TX Jackson County
42-239-03803 TX Jackson County
42-239-03818 TX Jackson County
42-239-03839 TX Jackson County
42-239-03850 TX Jackson County
42-239-03890 TX Jackson County
42-239-30043 TX Jackson County
42-239-30063 TX Jackson County
42-239-30072 TX Jackson County
42-239-30104 TX Jackson County
42-245-80137 TX Jefferson County
42-245-80142 TX Jefferson County
42-245-81069 TX Jefferson County
42-261-00197 TX Kenedy County
42-261-00214 TX Kenedy County
42-261-00215 TX Kenedy County
42-261-00291 TX Kenedy County
42-297-02323 TX Live Oak County
42-321-30039 TX Matagorda County
42-489-00590 TX Willacy County
42-489-00611 TX Willacy County
42-489-00612 TX Willacy County

For data sources see[1][2][3]


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