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Saskatchewan Advanced Well Search

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UWI Operator Municipality Meridian Township Range Section License Date License Status
199060105005W200Rural Municipality of Hudson Bay No. 394205005011901-09-22ABANDONED
199063101623W200Belle Plaine201623311901-01-01ABANDONED
199063302207W300Rural Municipality of Maple Bush No. 224302207331901-01-31ABANDONED
199092401320W200Rural Municipality of Bratt's Lake No. 129201320241907-08-01ABANDONED
199061301519W200Rural Municipality of Bratt's Lake No. 129201519131909-01-01ABANDONED
199061501126W300Maple Creek301126151909-12-01ABANDONED
199011901229W300Rural Municipality of Maple Creek No. 111301229191909-06-01ABANDONED
199123501816W300Rural Municipality of Riverside No. 168301816351910-01-01ABANDONED
199122400107W200Rural Municipality of Estevan No. 005200107241914-12-28ABANDONED
131091702329W300Rural Municipality of Deer Forks No. 232302329171915-01-01ABANDONED
199010603104W300Rural Municipality of Rosedale No. 283303104061917-12-01ABANDONED
199061401230W100Rural Municipality of Maryfield No. 091101230141919-01-01ABANDONED
199062200713W200Rural Municipality of Weyburn No. 067200713221919-12-01ABANDONED
199110703922W300Rural Municipality of Tramping Lake No. 380303922071919-01-01ABANDONED
111022001911W300Rural Municipality of Excelsior No. 166301911201920-01-01ABANDONED
199040900127W300Rural Municipality of Reno No. 051300127091920-12-01ABANDONED
199020902925W200Rural Municipality of Wood Creek No. 281202925091926-08-26ABANDONED
199043302207W300Rural Municipality of Maple Bush No. 224302207331926-07-16ABANDONED
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