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Well Details

Well ID: 34-067-21237
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County: Harrison
Well Pad ID:
Farm/Lease Name:
First Permit Date:
Last Permit Date:
Spud Date: 2013-11-12
Unconventional: No
Configuration: Vertical
Well Status: Well Drilled
Violations: 0
Latitude: 40.22455649
Longitude: -81.29974573

Inspection Data

1413757182 2014-10-19 I received a call from Chevron Pa. office to advise me that a spill had occurred at the E.Clark site today around 3:00 P.M. The spill was from a 300 gallon container which was on a truck and slid off the truck and broke open on the lease road. It appears to be 90 wt. gear oil that has been spilled. Booms and adsorbent pads have been place over the oil to keep it from running off site. With the cooler temps the thick oil has remained on the lease road and should not run until it can be excavated and removed. Weavertown Environmental is responding with equipment to complete the clean up. The excavated oil will be placed in a roll off container until it can be properly disposed.
-1502865712 2013-11-27 I arrived on site today to check on the drilling status of Highland Drilling Rig # 14 after they called to inform me they were close to drilling. They advised me that they were rigged up on the # 7 Clark well and I collected my GPS reading and found out that they are on the # 5
1693441659 2013-12-06 On the day of my inspection I witnessed that Highlands Drilling Rig #14 drilled 17.5
405205342 2013-11-14 I was on location at the request of Inspector Mark Moreland to cover a conductor casing cement job in his absence. I arrived on location and met with the Chevron Company men and went over operations. An auger rig had drilled a 36 hole to a depth of 100'. Joints of 30 steel casing were on the ground waiting to be cut and butt welded while being run into the hole. Chevron was currently waiting on a safety inspection before welding operations could begin. The casing would not be ready to cement for 6-8 hours and I left location. I was not able to cover this job. No violations.
-523826378 2014-10-20 Return today to find the 300 gallons of oil has been cleaned up and contained in 2 roll off containers. The road is to be rocked today after I approve the clean up. The clean up is very complete and no sign of the oil remain, the road can be covered any time.
848027622 2015-01-07 Had a call from Jared Reichard of Chevron that wanted me to look at the area being developed at the Clark Pad and advise if I felt there was a problem. During my inspection I found that the area was snow covered and that most of what I wanted to look at was covered with 4 inches of snow. I could see that there is an addition to the size of the drilling pad but not much else.
-896027473 2013-12-02 Highland Drilling Rig # 14 drilling on the intermediate section of the well.

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