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WellWiki provides data, news and history on 4.3 million oil and gas wells and counting... Eventually, we plan to provide data on all oil and gas wells ever drilled in North America – an estimated 5.8 million wells since the Drake well in 1859.
In partnership with Pembina Institute, we have incorporated detailed information for landowners on oil and gas development. Learn more in the Landowners Guide to Oil and Gas Development.
WellWiki has expanded its coverage by more than 2 million wells in the past year, bringing us to more than 4.3 million wells. We now cover 99% of all wells in Canada and nearly 3.5 million wells in 24 U.S. states. Learn all about our data sources.

Find information about a well by searching its well number (e.g., 100.01-01-002-26W1), geographic location (e.g., Division No. 5, Manitoba), or operating company name (e.g., Omega Hydrocarbons Ltd.) and other details. Each well is identified by its well number and given a “well page" which provides information on location, permits, associated well pad, spudding and drilling information, violation and inspection data, production data, and waste information. A well page also links to the municipal community hosting that well and the operating company that owns that Well.

State/Province Wells Operators Additional Information
317 23
Well API format: 01-XXX-XXXXX (e.g. 01-053-20042)
Link to a sample Alabama Well and Operator
413 0
Well API format: 50-XXX-XXXXX (e.g. 50-029-20046)
Link to a sample Alaska Well
128 29
Well API format: 02-XXX-XXXXX (e.g. 02-003-20009)
Link to a sample Arizona Well and Operator
125,483 418
Well API format: 04-XXX-XXXXX (e.g. 04-021-00002)
Link to a sample California Well and Operator
77,750 0
Well API format: 05-XXX-XXXXX (e.g. 05-037-05000)
Link to a sample Colorado Well
154 0
Well API format: 09-XXX-XXXXX (e.g. 09-033-20006)
Link to a sample Florida Well
574,937 0
Well API format: 12-XXX-XXXXX (e.g. 12-035-00011)
Link to a sample Illinois Well
426,577 19,748
Well API format: 15-XXX-XXXXX (e.g. 15-045-00085)
Link to a sample Kansas Well and Operator
13,753 0
Well API format: 16-XXX-XXXXX (e.g. 16-027-00013)
Link to a sample Kentucky Well
5,465 194
Well API format: 23-XXX-XXXXX (e.g. 23-065-00165)
Link to a sample Mississippi Well and Operator
41,617 3,398
Well API format: 25-XXX-XXXXX (e.g. 25-041-05012)
Link to a sample Montana Well and Operator
New Mexico
55,711 536
Well API format: 30-XXX-XXXXX (e.g. 30-015-00117)
Link to a sample New Mexico Well and Operator
New York
46,401 2,340
Well API format: 31-XXX-XXXXX (e.g. 31-013-14454)
Link to a sample New York Well and Operator
North Dakota
29,462 1,483
Well API format: 33-XXX-XXXXX (e.g. 33-105-00008)
Link to a sample North Dakota Well and Operator
272,158 12,166
Well API format: 34-XXX-XXXXX (e.g. 34-001-60004)
Link to a sample Ohio Well and Operator
70,516 1,148
Well API format: 35-XXX-XXXXX (e.g. 35-077-00009)
Link to a sample Oklahoma Well and Operator
270,818 9,002
Well API format: 37-XXX-XXXXX (e.g. 37-121-00077)
Link to a sample Pennsylvania Well and Operator
South Dakota
1,955 456
Well API format: 40-XXX-XXXXX (e.g. 40-013-05000)
Link to a sample South Dakota Well and Operator
13,123 2,497
Well API format: 41-XXX-XXXXX (e.g. 41-151-00003)
Link to a sample Tennessee Well and Operator
1,163,198 36,701
Well API format: 42-XXX-XXXXX (e.g. 42-311-35696)
Link to a sample Texas Well and Operator
11,374 589
Well API format: 43-XXX-XXXXX (e.g. 43-039-30007)
Link to a sample Utah Well and Operator
658 254
Well API format: 46-XXX-XXXXX (e.g. 46-041-00004)
Link to a sample Washington Well and Operator
West Virginia
170,188 13,637
Well API format: 47-XXX-XXXXX (e.g. 47-005-00301)
Link to a sample West Virginia Well and Operator
114,736 0
Well API format: 49-XXX-XXXXX (e.g. 49-009-05002)
Link to a sample Wyoming Well
619,503 3,547
Well UWI format: XXXXXXXXXXXXX (e.g. 0054022715000)
Link to a sample Alberta Well and Operator or use our Advanced Well Search page
British Columbia
34,539 345
Well UWI format: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (e.g. 103063608515W600)
Link to a sample British Columbia Well and Operator
10,474 603
Well UWI format: 1XX.XX-XX-XXX-XXXX (e.g. 100.01-21-011-29W1)
Link to a sample Manitoba Well and Operator or use our Advanced Well Search page
26,968 2,216
Well UWI format: XXXXXXX (e.g. F000020)
Link to a sample Ontario Well and Operator
139,409 1,897
Well UWI format: XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX (e.g. 101010400232W100)
Link to a sample Saskatchewan Well and Operator or use our Advanced Well Search page
4,317,785 113,227

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