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Operator Details

Other Operator Alias:
Country: United States
Registered West Virginia Address:
Registered West Virginia Phone Number:
Registered New York Address:
Registered New York Phone Number:

Addresses listed above are those on file with the relevant regulator.

For data sources see[1]

Operator Well Data

Well ID State/Province County/Division Municipality/Subdivision License/Permit Date Spud Date Unconventional Configuration Well/License Status Well Pad ID
31-013-01544 NY Chautauqua Villenova Vertical Plugged And Abandoned
31-017-10607 NY Chenango Guilford 1974-04-03 1974-04-14 Vertical Plugged And Abandoned
31-017-10608 NY Chenango Coventry 1974-04-03 1974-05-22 Vertical Plugged And Abandoned
31-017-10609 NY Chenango Oxford 1974-04-03 1974-05-02 Vertical Plugged And Abandoned
31-077-10725 NY Otsego Morris 1974-05-10 1974-05-10 Vertical Plugged And Abandoned
31-077-10834 NY Otsego Laurens 1974-05-25 1974-05-25 Vertical Plugged And Abandoned
31-077-10838 NY Otsego Unadilla 1974-06-10 1974-06-10 Vertical Plugged And Abandoned
47-019-00460 WV Fayette 1981-05-29 1981-09-23 Vertical Completed
47-019-00461 WV Fayette Vertical Completed
47-019-00463 WV Fayette Vertical Completed
47-019-00464 WV Fayette 1981-11-19 Vertical Completed
47-019-00465 WV Fayette 1981-11-04 Vertical Completed
47-021-01724 WV Gilmer 1965-06-06 Vertical Completed
47-025-00024 WV Greenbrier 1981-12-04 Vertical Completed
47-093-00051 WV Tucker 1980-11-11 Vertical Completed
47-101-00063 WV Webster 1977-10-24 Vertical Completed
47-101-00065 WV Webster 1980-05-11 Vertical Completed

For data sources see[2][3][4]


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