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Amerada Petroleum Co.

Operator Details

Operator Name: Amerada Petroleum Co.
Other Operator Alias:

Addresses listed above are those on file with the relevant regulator.

For data sources see

Operator Well Data

Well ID State/Province County/Division Municipality/Subdivision License/Permit Date Spud Date Unconventional Configuration Well/License Status Well Pad ID
40-019-05022 SD Butte County 1953-07-06 Abandoned
40-019-05176 SD Butte County Active
40-047-05004 SD Fall River County 1945-07-02 Abandoned
40-047-05028 SD Fall River County 1950-12-05 Abandoned
40-047-05031 SD Fall River County 1946-08-05 Abandoned
40-047-05035 SD Fall River County 1950-11-11 Abandoned
40-047-05040 SD Fall River County 1951-01-01 Abandoned
40-047-05041 SD Fall River County 1951-02-21 Abandoned
40-047-05050 SD Fall River County 1951-01-01 Abandoned
40-047-05062 SD Fall River County 1951-01-17 Abandoned
40-047-05073 SD Fall River County 1945-11-03 Abandoned
40-063-05002 SD Harding County 1956-12-01 Abandoned
40-063-05004 SD Harding County 1955-05-31 Abandoned
40-063-05005 SD Harding County 1954-08-10 Abandoned
40-063-05006 SD Harding County 1954-08-30 Abandoned
40-063-05007 SD Harding County 1956-05-31 Abandoned
40-093-05031 SD Meade County 1961-10-26 Abandoned
40-113-05000 SD Oglala Lakota County 1945-06-25 Abandoned
40-137-05006 SD Ziebach County 1960-03-12 Abandoned
40-137-20001 SD Ziebach County 1967-07-15 Abandoned

For data sources see[1][2][3]


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