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Appalachian Development

Operator Details

Operator Name: Appalachian Development
Zip Code:
State: New York
Phone Number:

Operator Well Data

Well ID State County Municipality License Date Spud Date Unconventional Configuration License Status
31-003-00335 NY Allegany Belfast Town Vertical Plugged And Abandoned
31-003-00340 NY Allegany Belfast Town Vertical Plugged And Abandoned
31-009-01000 NY Cattaraugus Leon Town 1946-06-24 Vertical Plugged And Abandoned
31-013-00255 NY Chautauqua Portland Town Vertical Unknown
31-013-01801 NY Chautauqua Portland Town Vertical Plugged And Abandoned
31-015-00595 NY Chemung Veteran Town 1943-06-15 Vertical Unknown Not Found
31-015-00596 NY Chemung Veteran Town 1943-12-01 Vertical Unknown Located
31-015-00597 NY Chemung Veteran Town 1943-06-01 Vertical Unknown Not Found
31-015-00598 NY Chemung Veteran Town 1943-03-01 Vertical Unknown Not Found
31-101-00040 NY Steuben Jasper Town 1947-05-17 Vertical Unknown Located
31-101-00041 NY Steuben Hartsville Town 1947-06-24 Vertical Unknown Not Found
31-101-00042 NY Steuben Hornellsville Town 1947-08-28 Vertical Unknown Not Found
31-101-00045 NY Steuben Bath Town 1947-09-28 Vertical Unknown Located
31-101-00074 NY Steuben Bath Town 1945-10-04 Vertical Unknown Not Found
31-101-00075 NY Steuben Bath Town 1944-02-03 Vertical Unknown Not Found
31-101-00078 NY Steuben Bath Town 1945-03-08 Vertical Unknown Not Found
31-101-00091 NY Steuben Bath Town 1946-07-05 Vertical Unknown Not Found
31-101-00092 NY Steuben Bath Town 1947-04-17 Vertical Unknown Located
31-101-00094 NY Steuben Bath Town 1944-05-18 Vertical Unknown Located
31-101-00115 NY Steuben Greenwood Town 1945-09-10 Vertical Unknown Not Found
31-101-00116 NY Steuben Greenwood Town 1944-02-22 Vertical Plugged And Abandoned
31-101-00558 NY Steuben Greenwood Town 1947-12-27 Vertical Plugged And Abandoned
31-101-01802 NY Steuben West Union Town 1949-05-09 Vertical Unknown Not Found
31-101-01809 NY Steuben West Union Town 1949-11-01 Vertical Unknown Not Found
31-101-02615 NY Steuben Hartsville Town 1947-09-30 Vertical Unknown Located
31-101-04224 NY Steuben Bath Town 1962-08-20 Vertical Unknown Not Found
31-109-00514 NY Tompkins Lansing Town Vertical Unknown

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