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Sinclairville Petroleum Inc.

Operator Details

Operator Name: Sinclairville Petroleum Inc.
Zip Code:
State: New York
Phone Number:

Operator Well Data

Well ID State County Municipality License Date Spud Date Unconventional Configuration License Status
31-009-20914 NY Cattaraugus Dayton Town 1987-08-17 1987-09-21 Vertical Plugged And Abandoned
31-009-21841 NY Cattaraugus Dayton Town 1990-02-07 1990-03-02 Vertical Plugged And Abandoned
31-013-22325 NY Chautauqua Ellicott Town 1992-12-10 1992-12-28 Vertical Plugged And Abandoned
31-013-22460 NY Chautauqua Busti Town 1994-02-23 Vertical Expired Permit
31-029-14409 NY Erie Aurora Town 1979-08-06 Vertical Expired Permit
31-029-14458 NY Erie Aurora Town 1979-09-13 Vertical Expired Permit
31-029-14625 NY Erie Aurora Town 1979-11-13 Vertical Expired Permit
31-029-15273 NY Erie Aurora Town 1980-05-09 Vertical Expired Permit
31-029-15318 NY Erie Boston Town Vertical Expired Permit
31-029-15393 NY Erie Aurora Town 1980-06-26 Vertical Expired Permit
31-029-15394 NY Erie Aurora Town 1980-07-03 Vertical Expired Permit
31-029-15396 NY Erie Aurora Town 1980-06-26 Vertical Expired Permit
31-029-15398 NY Erie Boston Town 1980-07-07 Vertical Expired Permit
31-029-15504 NY Erie Aurora Town 1980-08-18 Vertical Expired Permit
31-029-15626 NY Erie Orchard Park Town 1980-10-09 Vertical Expired Permit
31-029-15762 NY Erie Boston Town 1980-11-21 Vertical Expired Permit
31-029-15835 NY Erie Aurora Town Vertical Expired Permit
31-029-16049 NY Erie Brant Town 1981-05-04 Vertical Expired Permit
31-029-16236 NY Erie Boston Town 1981-06-09 Vertical Expired Permit
31-029-16364 NY Erie Boston Town 1981-07-17 Vertical Expired Permit
31-029-16366 NY Erie Eden Town 1981-07-17 Vertical Expired Permit
31-029-20774 NY Erie Elma Town 1986-12-17 1986-12-31 Vertical Plugged And Abandoned
31-029-22008 NY Erie North Collins Town 1991-06-27 1991-07-09 Vertical Plugged And Abandoned

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