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Texas Technical Information

Data for Texas was acquired from http://www.rrc.state.tx.us/about-us/resource-center/research/data-sets-available-for-purchase/production-data in the form of the Production Data Query (PDQ) data dump. This data dump was in the form of an oracle .dmp file and in its existing form was unable to be processed using free utilities. As such, the database was converted to sql form with the OraDump-to-MySQL software (http://www.convert-in.com/ord2sql.htm). The license key to the software is in possession of Dr. Joel Gehman, and can be used to install the software onto another computer such that no two instances are operating simultaneously. The software is straightforward to operate, but required several days to process an SQL file that was roughly 30GB in size. The time to convert the data would likely be greatly reduced on more modern PC with solid state drives, which will need to occur should we wish to update the database with more up to date information from Texas.

The data is from roughly 2014/12/04.

There are a number of extrenous tables provided by the database dump that are unnessesary and were thus not included in the final database. They are:

  • plan_table
  • trca$binds
  • trca$call
  • trca$call_per_sql
  • trca$call_per_uid_dep
  • trca$control
  • trca$cursor
  • trca$error
  • trca$extents
  • trca$gap
  • trca$indexes
  • trca$parsing_in_cursor
  • trca$plan_table
  • trca$sql_text
  • trca$stat
  • trca$stat_per_sql
  • trca$tables
  • trca$trace
  • trca$wait
  • trca$wait_hot_block
  • trca$wait_per_sql
  • trca$wait_per_uid_dep
  • trca$xctend

Once OraDump-to-MySQL finished processing the PDQ dmp file, the resultant SQL was copied to the wellwiki server. A new empty database titled 'texas' was created via the PHPmyAdmin interface. The texas SQL file was imported into the texas database with the following: mysql -u root -p texas < texas.sql

Due to the large size of the file, it is advisable to compress the file prior to remotely transferring it to the server. Using gunzip at compression level 9, the ~30GB file is roughly 2.4GB in size when compressed. The file can be decompressed and imported via: gunzip -c texas.sql.gz | mysql -u root -p texas

Approximately 35 rows from the og_operator_dw table. Operator names were in the form ³950200 - NAME UNKNOWN where 950200 was a varied number.

Five files were authored to produce county, well, and operator pages for Texas. Four are located in /Sourcebuilders/TX/ as:

  • EntityController.py
  • WellSourceBuilder.py
  • CountySourceBuilder.py
  • OperatorSourceBuilder.py

Which are utilized by calling create_tx_pages.py with one of the following arguments: operator, county, wells.

Pages are generated and stored within ~/Pycharm/WikiManager/WikiSources/ as per usual, which are committed using python commit_staged_sources.py ~/Pycharm/WikiManager/WikiSources

Operator pages are generated using information from table og_operator_dw, and its production information is sourced from og_operator_cycle.

County pages are generated with og_county_cycle, along with their production information. Well information for counties comes from og_well_completion. Upon creating county pages for texas, the add_county_infoboxes.py script must be used to re-add wikipedia's infoboxes.

Well pages are generated with og_well_completion, and their production information stems from table og_lease_cycle utilizing the lease number. Well APIs in the database are not stored as ten digit numbers. The '42' state code is omitted everywhere, and APIs must be constructed using a concatenation of '42-' with the county number and the api_unique_no.

Consult the python files listed above for further specifics, everything should be quite straightforward.

FracFocus Chemical Data

After the creation / updating of Texas pages, chemical data from the fracfocus registry should be re-added to select pages. This is done by executing python chemicals.py TX from the wikimanager folder. This will generated modified pages within staged_sources. After which, the pages must be committed using python commit_staged_sources.py staged_sources