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WellWiki.org is primarily “structured” data – meaning facts and figures about wells, communities and operators. The pages are assembled by having a wikibot crawl and scrape a MySQL database.

WellWiki.org was created by Joel Gehman, a professor of strategic management and organization at the University of Alberta School of Business, in collaboration with Dror Etzion, a professor of strategy and organization at the McGill University Desautels Faculty of Management . The project is part of a larger research initiative on various strategic and organizational aspects of unconventional oil and gas exploration and production. In addition to several papers currently in preparation, the project has generated papers on unconventional gas well reporting and hydraulic fracturing patents.

A number of research assistants have helped with different aspects of the larger project. As it relates to WellWiki.org, Diego Mastroianni, a PhD candidate at McGill University, has done much of the data wrangling, using a LAMP stack that includes Ubuntu, Apache, MySQL and PHP. Michael Hall, a former University of Alberta computing science masters student, has done the Mediawiki programming necessary to connect the front end and back end. Chloe Prosser, an alumna of the University of Wisconsin - Madison, has helped to write and seed initial content through the UARE International internship program. The WellWiki interface was designed by Josh Nyugen, a University of Alberta undergraduate student, using the Foreground Mediawiki skin.

Support for WellWiki project has been provided by Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Grant #430-2013-0912, awarded to Joel Gehman (principal investigator) and Dror Etzion (co-investigator). Additionally, the project has benefited from a University of Alberta Killam Research Fund Operating Grant, and an Alberta School of Business Faculty Fellowship, both awarded to Joel Gehman.