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Southwest Middlesex, Middlesex, Ontario

Southwest Middlesex
Municipality (lower-tier)
Municipality of Southwest Middlesex
Southwest Middlesex is located in Ontario
Southwest Middlesex
Southwest Middlesex
Southwest Middlesex (Ontario)
Country Canada
Province Ontario
County Middlesex
Formed January 1, 2001
 • Land 427.88 km2 (165.21 sq mi)
Population (2016)
 • Total 5,723
 • Density 13.4/km2 (35/sq mi)
Time zone EST (UTC-5)
 • Summer (DST) EDT (UTC-4)
Postal Code N0L, N0M
Area code(s) 519 and 226
Website www.southwestmiddlesex.ca
For infobox source see[1]

Subdivision Well Data

Well ID Operator Name Spud Date Well Status
F003476 McRie, Robert 1936-09-19 Abandoned Well
F003493 Union Gas Limited Unknown
F003507 True Test Oil & Gas Co. Ltd. 1956-08-20 Abandoned Well
F003619 Union Gas Limited 1944-09-05 Abandoned Well
F003685 Union Gas Limited 1944-12-06 Abandoned Well
F003828 Dawson Red Lake Gold Mines Ltd. 1953-07-02 Abandoned Well
F003840 Union Gas Limited Unknown
F003849 Union Gas Limited 1949-11-19 Abandoned Well
F003890 Union Gas Limited Unknown
F003909 Union Gas Limited 1949-12-29 Abandoned Well
F003910 Union Gas Limited 1949-08-13 Abandoned Well
F003917 DeWitt, J.A. 1937-12-21 Abandoned Well
F003922 Union Gas Limited 1950-03-07 Abandoned Well
F003935 Union Gas Limited 1949-10-20 Abandoned Well
F003958 Union Gas Limited 1952-06-21 Abandoned Well
F003962 Union Gas Limited 1949-09-15 Abandoned Well
F003967 Union Gas Limited 1950-10-07 Abandoned Well
F003988 Union Gas Limited 1945-07-23 Abandoned Well
F003991 Bova Gas & Development Co. Ltd. 1956-09-08 Abandoned Well
F004000 Bova Gas & Development Co. Ltd. 1956-05-12 Abandoned Well
F004001 Bova Gas & Development Co. Ltd. 1956-06-27 Abandoned Well
F004032 Western Ashley Minerals Ltd. 1952-07-23 Abandoned Well
F004033 DeWitt, J.A. 1938-02-24 Abandoned Well
F004039 Consolidated West Petroleum Limited 1952-09-05 Abandoned Well
F004049 H. Brett & Associates Limited 1953-04-15 Abandoned Well
F004055 DeWitt, J.A. 1937-12-03 Abandoned Well
F004063 Union Gas Limited 1950-05-06 Abandoned Well
F004083 Union Gas Limited 1950-02-03 Abandoned Well
F004102 Bova Gas & Development Co. Ltd. 1956-04-11 Abandoned Well
F004119 Willits, George E. 1938-07-19 Abandoned Well
F004132 Robert McMaster & Sons Co. Ltd. 1956-02-21 Abandoned Well
F004155 Anchor Petroleum Limited 1952-11-13 Abandoned Well
F004164 Bova Gas & Development Co. Ltd. 1956-07-31 Abandoned Well
F004186 Anchor Petroleum Limited 1954-03-24 Abandoned Well
F004190 Anchor Petroleum Limited 1954-02-15 Abandoned Well
F004194 Anchor Petroleum Limited 1957-01-23 Abandoned Well
F004203 Union Gas Limited 1945-06-01 Abandoned Well
F004220 Western Ashley Minerals & Anchor Petroleum 1954-06-14 Abandoned Well
F004226 Anchor Petroleum Limited 1956-07-17 Abandoned Well
F004270 Anchor Petroleum Limited 1958-01-07 Abandoned Well
F004277 Union Gas Limited 1948-02-11 Abandoned Well
F004278 Anchor Petroleum Limited 1957-09-06 Abandoned Well
F004311 Anchor Petroleum Limited 1957-10-12 Abandoned Well
F004317 Anchor Petroleum Limited 1958-02-10 Abandoned Well
F004327 Anchor Petroleum Limited 1958-07-30 Abandoned Well
F004343 Anchor Petroleum Limited 1958-12-22 Abandoned Well
F004355 Anchor Petroleum Limited 1958-09-03 Abandoned Well
F004364 Union Gas Limited 1945-10-20 Abandoned Well
F004369 Anchor Petroleum Limited 1957-12-04 Abandoned Well
F004391 Anchor Petroleum Limited 1958-10-31 Abandoned Well
F004398 Union Gas Limited 1954-08-16 Abandoned Well
F004417 Anchor Petroleum Limited 1958-10-04 Abandoned Well
F004446 Anchor Petroleum Limited 1961-01-11 Abandoned Well
F004451 Carman, F.J. 1933-11-01 Unknown
F004462 Anchor Petroleum Limited 1963-08-21 Abandoned Well
F004479 Anchor Petroleum Limited 1960-02-18 Abandoned Well
F004494 Anchor Petroleum Limited 1963-06-30 Abandoned Well
F004506 Anchor Petroleum Limited 1960-07-25 Abandoned Well
F004520 Bradford Oil and Gas Company 1957-05-06 Abandoned Well
F004528 Anchor Petroleum Limited 1959-11-07 Abandoned Well
F004543 Bradford Oil and Gas Company 1956-11-08 Abandoned Well
F004566 Bradford, W.D. 1957-04-25 Abandoned Well
F004567 Anchor Petroleum Limited 1960-09-12 Abandoned Well
F004570 Merchant, Frank 1934-01-01 Unknown
F004576 Anchor Petroleum Limited 1961-12-04 Abandoned Well
F004624 Union Gas Limited 1953-08-15 Abandoned Well
F004625 James Beattie and Joe McGill 1937-02-01 Abandoned Well
F004626 Croft, Fred W. 1935-01-05 Abandoned Well
F004637 Nemec, John 1959-02-02 Abandoned Well
F004643 Union Gas Limited 1948-10-01 Unknown
F004661 Southern Ontario Gas Co. Ltd 1930-11-05 Abandoned Well
F004665 Unknown
F004669 Mytinger, L.P 1935-07-01 Unknown
F004687 Union Gas Limited 1946-06-27 Abandoned Well
F004688 Perdue, J. 1940-03-20 Abandoned Well
F004693 Southern Ontario Gas Co. Ltd 1930-12-09 Abandoned Well
F004699 Nemec, John 1958-11-26 Abandoned Well
F004700 Southern Ontario Gas Co. Ltd 1930-06-30 Abandoned Well
F004701 Nemec, John 1959-01-02 Abandoned Well
F004738 Carman, F.J. 1919-01-01 Unknown
F004739 Southern Ontario Gas Co. Ltd 1931-02-17 Abandoned Well
F004740 Southern Ontario Gas Co. Ltd 1930-09-27 Abandoned Well
F004752 Southern Ontario Gas Co. Ltd 1930-02-04 Abandoned Well
F004761 Merchant, Frank Unknown
F004762 Southern Ontario Gas Co. Ltd 1931-06-23 Abandoned Well
F004773 Murray, Marjorie Elaine 1931-04-22 Suspended Well
F004804 Merchant, Frank Unknown
F004856 Southern Ontario Gas Co. Ltd 1930-04-11 Abandoned Well
F004882 Unknown
F004883 Webbwood Exploration Co. Ltd. 1960-12-01 Abandoned Well
F004892 Glenmosa Oil & Gas Company 1940-11-16 Abandoned Well
F004922 Carman, F.J. 1919-01-01 Unknown
F004968 Earl, Sydney 1952-09-15 Abandoned Well
F005016 Carman, F.J. 1918-11-01 Unknown
F005040 Unknown
F005041 Unknown
F005173 Imperial Oil Ltd 1952-06-16 Abandoned Well
F005187 Ontario Petroleums 1917-07-27 Unknown
F005243 Dominion Natural Gas Co. Ltd. 1953-06-03 Abandoned Well
F005251 Dewus, Anton 1957-12-07 Abandoned Well
F005288 Wilson, Alexander D. Unknown
F005295 Abandoned Well
F005302 Imperial Oil Ltd 1952-05-10 Abandoned Well
F005450 Carman, F.J. 1919-07-01 Unknown
F005460 Ameracrude International Inc. Unknown
F005473 Nemec, John 1961-05-03 Abandoned Well
F005507 Ameracrude International Inc. 1941-09-03 Unknown
F005529 Ameracrude International Inc. 1941-10-14 Abandoned Well
F005531 Ameracrude International Inc. 1941-07-29 Abandoned Well
F005565 Ameracrude International Inc. Unknown
F005588 Ameracrude International Inc. 1918-01-01 Unknown
F005589 Royal Oil Syndicate 1941-12-22 Unknown
F005593 Ameracrude International Inc. Unknown
F005612 Ameracrude International Inc. Unknown
F005617 Carman, F.J. 1919-09-01 Unknown
F005618 Ameracrude International Inc. 1941-11-04 Abandoned Well
F005628 Ameracrude International Inc. 1935-11-01 Unknown
F005636 Ameracrude International Inc. Unknown
F005637 Ameracrude International Inc. Unknown
F005647 Eddie, W.R. Unknown
F005648 Ameracrude International Inc. 1941-11-20 Unknown
F005657 Ameracrude International Inc. Unknown
F005663 Ameracrude International Inc. 1941-10-17 Abandoned Well
F005672 Carman, F.J. 1919-06-01 Unknown
F005673 Ameracrude International Inc. Abandoned Well
F005674 Ameracrude International Inc. 1942-02-14 Abandoned Well
F005675 Ameracrude International Inc. Unknown
F005681 Ameracrude International Inc. Unknown
F005682 Ameracrude International Inc. Unknown
F005688 Ameracrude International Inc. 1918-09-07 Unknown
F005701 Ameracrude International Inc. Unknown
F005708 Nemec, John 1957-11-15 Abandoned Well
F005709 Ameracrude International Inc. 1918-01-01 Unknown
F005727 Ameracrude International Inc. Unknown
F005733 Olga Gas and Oil Co. Ltd. 1932-08-18 Unknown
F005741 Union Gas Limited 1931-08-19 Abandoned Well
F005742 Ameracrude International Inc. 1918-10-01 Abandoned Well
F005748 Ameracrude International Inc. 1918-08-20 Unknown
F005749 Ameracrude International Inc. Abandoned Well
F005750 Ameracrude International Inc. Unknown
F005758 Ameracrude International Inc. 1919-08-27 Abandoned Well
F005763 Rowe, Peter E. 1932-06-01 Unknown
F005764 Ameracrude International Inc. 1919-08-07 Abandoned Well
F005770 Ameracrude International Inc. 1917-06-25 Unknown
F005779 Ameracrude International Inc. 1919-08-13 Abandoned Well
F005780 Ameracrude International Inc. 1919-09-17 Unknown
F005781 Ameracrude International Inc. Abandoned Well
F005789 Ameracrude International Inc. 1919-11-01 Unknown
F005800 Ameracrude International Inc. Unknown
F005810 Ameracrude International Inc. 1918-01-01 Unknown
F005816 Ameracrude International Inc. 1919-08-28 Unknown
F005817 Ameracrude International Inc. 1919-10-09 Unknown
F005826 Ameracrude International Inc. 1918-01-01 Abandoned Well
F005827 Ameracrude International Inc. 1918-01-01 Abandoned Well
F005828 Ameracrude International Inc. 1917-11-10 Abandoned Well
F005829 Ameracrude International Inc. 1940-09-12 Abandoned Well
F005838 Ameracrude International Inc. Abandoned Well
F005839 Ameracrude International Inc. 1917-10-20 Abandoned Well
F005844 Ameracrude International Inc. 1919-09-18 Unknown
F005855 Ameracrude International Inc. Unknown
F005856 Ameracrude International Inc. 1919-12-15 Abandoned Well
F005857 Double B Well Services Ltd. 1948-08-18 Suspended Well
F005858 Double B Well Services Ltd. 1948-07-19 Suspended Well
F005865 Ameracrude International Inc. Unknown
F005866 Ameracrude International Inc. 1919-11-20 Abandoned Well
F005867 Ameracrude International Inc. 1919-10-29 Unknown
F005873 Double B Well Services Ltd. 1948-07-06 Suspended Well
F005880 Ameracrude International Inc. Abandoned Well
F005881 Ameracrude International Inc. 1940-10-05 Abandoned Well
F005882 Gillies, Keith 1918-01-01 Abandoned Well
F005883 Barnes, Benjamin 1948-04-15 Abandoned Well
F005893 Carman, F.J. 1919-01-01 Unknown
F005894 Gillies, Keith 1935-10-17 Abandoned Well
F005895 Gillies, Keith No Well Found
F005904 Double B Well Services Ltd. 1948-05-20 Suspended Well
F005915 Terratest Company Ltd. 1958-03-28 Abandoned Well
F005923 Gillies, Keith 1940-07-23 Abandoned Well
F005924 Double B Well Services Ltd. 1958-08-06 Suspended Well
F005925 Double B Well Services Ltd. 1948-01-01 Suspended Well
F005932 Ameracrude International Inc. No Well Found
F005933 Barnes, Benjamin 1955-11-25 Abandoned Well
F005943 Ameracrude International Inc. Unknown
F005944 Double B Well Services Ltd. Suspended Well
F005945 Cameron, Mary Margaret 1939-10-11 Abandoned Well
F005952 Rowe, Peter E. 1932-07-04 Unknown
F005957 Gillies, Keith No Well Found
F005959 Gillies, Keith 1955-12-12 Abandoned Well
F005960 Double B Well Services Ltd. 1948-01-01 Suspended Well
F005970 Carman, F.J. 1919-07-01 Unknown
F005972 Carolinian Farms Ltd. Abandoned Well
F005979 Gillies, Keith 1956-01-23 Abandoned Well
F005981 Gillies, Keith 1942-06-09 Abandoned Well
F005985 Gillies, Keith 1955-07-21 No Well Found
F005992 Gillies, Keith 1919-01-01 Abandoned Well
F005997 Wilson, Alexander D. 1940-10-07 Abandoned Well
F006008 Ameracrude International Inc. 1956-01-09 Suspended Well
F006015 Gillies, Keith 1918-11-01 Suspended Well
F006016 McRae, Jim 1918-06-13 No Well Found
F006020 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1941-08-04 Abandoned Well
F006029 McRae, Jim 1918-07-01 No Well Found
F006033 Carolinian Farms Ltd. Abandoned Well
F006034 Ameracrude International Inc. 1933-06-17 Unknown
F006057 Ameracrude International Inc. Unknown
F006058 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1958-11-20 Abandoned Well
F006059 McRae, Jim 1960-02-05 Abandoned Well
F006072 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1958-10-02 Abandoned Well
F006073 Gillies, Keith 1955-12-20 Abandoned Well
F006090 Carman, F.J. 1919-01-01 Unknown
F006091 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1959-09-24 Abandoned Well
F006098 Unknown
F006099 Gillies, Keith 1956-01-01 Abandoned Well
F006100 McRae, Jim 1918-07-01 Abandoned Well
F006107 Ameracrude International Inc. Unknown
F006124 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1960-07-13 Abandoned Well
F006133 Ameracrude International Inc. Unknown
F006142 Carman, F.J. 1919-05-01 Unknown
F006143 Unknown
F006152 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1960-06-27 Abandoned Well
F006163 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1929-07-02 Abandoned Well
F006164 Ameracrude International Inc. 1942-06-26 Abandoned Well
F006165 Ameracrude International Inc. Unknown
F006166 Ameracrude International Inc. 1918-01-01 Unknown
F006171 Carolinian Farms Ltd. Abandoned Well
F006172 Ameracrude International Inc. Unknown
F006177 Ameracrude International Inc. Unknown
F006178 Ameracrude International Inc. Unknown
F006190 Ameracrude International Inc. Unknown
F006197 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1946-10-14 Abandoned Well
F006198 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1918-05-22 Abandoned Well
F006199 Ameracrude International Inc. Unknown
F006200 Ameracrude International Inc. Unknown
F006212 Ameracrude International Inc. Unknown
F006213 Ameracrude International Inc. Unknown
F006214 Ameracrude International Inc. Unknown
F006223 Ameracrude International Inc. Unknown
F006224 Ameracrude International Inc. Unknown
F006240 Ameracrude International Inc. 1918-01-01 Unknown
F006252 Nemec, John 1958-05-09 Abandoned Well
F006253 Unknown
F006254 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1947-05-13 Abandoned Well
F006255 Ameracrude International Inc. 1960-09-14 Unknown
F006257 Ameracrude International Inc. 1918-01-01 Unknown
F006258 Ameracrude International Inc. 1918-01-01 Unknown
F006259 Ameracrude International Inc. 1918-01-01 Unknown
F006285 Unknown
F006287 Ameracrude International Inc. 1918-01-01 Unknown
F006296 Unknown
F006297 Ameracrude International Inc. 1947-09-04 Abandoned Well
F006298 Ameracrude International Inc. Unknown
F006299 Ameracrude International Inc. Suspended Well
F006305 Ameracrude International Inc. 1935-10-26 Unknown
F006307 Ameracrude International Inc. Unknown
F006326 Unknown
F006327 Ameracrude International Inc. 1947-11-12 Unknown
F006336 Ameracrude International Inc. 1947-09-15 Unknown
F006366 Ameracrude International Inc. 1947-10-27 Abandoned Well
F006377 Union Gas Limited 1933-08-14 Abandoned Well
F006389 Ameracrude International Inc. Unknown
F006396 Imperial Oil Ltd 1953-02-04 Abandoned Well
F006442 Union Gas Limited 1931-05-01 Unknown
F006471 Carman, F.J. 1919-01-01 Unknown
F006483 Unknown
F006552 Canadian Delhi Oil Limited 1963-09-08 Abandoned Well
F006704 Nemec, John 1958-05-28 Abandoned Well
F006922 Carman, F.J. 1918-09-01 Unknown
F006953 Carman, F.J. 1918-01-01 Unknown
F007052 Imperial Oil Ltd 1949-09-08 Abandoned Well
F007108 Imperial Oil Ltd 1952-05-27 Abandoned Well
F007123 Carman, F.J. 1918-01-01 Unknown
F007150 Carman, F.J. 1917-01-01 Unknown
F007165 Imperial Oil Ltd 1948-08-18 Abandoned Well
F007168 Dolphin, Ronald 1958-01-28 Abandoned Well
F007169 Union Gas Limited 1949-05-11 Abandoned Well
F007214 Brady, Ralph 1961-06-01 Abandoned Well
F007223 Dolphin, Ronald 1958-02-25 Abandoned Well
F007269 Carman, F.J. 1918-01-01 Unknown
F007276 Imperial Oil Ltd 1953-11-02 Abandoned Well
F007299 Union Gas Limited 1931-06-01 Unknown
F007313 Phelan & McClusky 1962-11-09 Abandoned Well
F007326 Phelan & McClusky 1962-09-11 Abandoned Well
F007356 Imperial Oil Ltd 1952-06-23 Abandoned Well
F007368 Union Gas Limited 1931-06-01 Unknown
F007369 Union Gas Limited 1931-11-16 Abandoned Well
F007567 Imperial Oil Ltd 1956-06-23 Abandoned Well
F007672 Wilson, Bert 1935-10-27 Abandoned Well
F007729 Unknown
F008381 Union Gas Limited 1931-06-01 Unknown
F008382 Kehlet F.W. 1934-09-07 Abandoned Well
F012178 Barnes, Benjamin 1958-07-30 Abandoned Well
F013455 Sussex Explorations Limited Abandoned Well
F013456 Sussex Explorations Limited Abandoned Well
F013457 Sussex Explorations Limited Abandoned Well
F013467 Bedford Petroleums Limited Abandoned Well
F013469 Gillies, Keith 1986-01-01 Suspended Well
F013659 Carolinian Farms Ltd. Abandoned Well
F013813 Carolinian Farms Ltd. Abandoned Well
F015465 Double B Well Services Ltd. Suspended Well
F015467 Double B Well Services Ltd. Suspended Well
F017446 1966-01-01 Unknown
F019845 Double B Well Services Ltd. 1952-06-04 Suspended Well
F020112 Gillies, Keith Abandoned Well
F020113 Gillies, Keith No Well Found
F020114 Gillies, Keith Abandoned Well
F020133 McRae, Jim No Well Found
F020135 Cameron, Mary Margaret Abandoned Well
F020136 Cameron, Mary Margaret Abandoned Well
F020137 Cameron, Mary Margaret Abandoned Well
F020147 Cameron, Mary Margaret Abandoned Well
F020153 Carolinian Farms Ltd. Suspended Well
F020208 Wilson and Carlyle 1800-01-01 Unknown
F020216 Wilson and Carlyle 1800-01-01 Unknown
F020231 1800-01-01 Unknown
F020232 1800-01-01 Unknown
F020233 1800-01-01 Unknown
F020312 Fairbank and Elliot 1800-01-01 Unknown
F020313 Fairbank and Elliot 1800-01-01 Unknown
F020314 1866-01-01 Unknown
F020315 Livingstone, D 1800-01-01 Unknown
F020316 Livingstone, A 1800-01-01 Unknown
F020317 1800-01-01 Unknown
F020318 Bedell, W 1917-01-01 Unknown
F020319 1800-01-01 Unknown
F020320 Wilson and Carlyle 1800-01-01 Unknown
F020321 Wilson and Carlyle 1800-01-01 Unknown
F020322 Wilson and Carlyle 1800-01-01 Unknown
F020323 Wilson and Carlyle 1800-01-01 Unknown
F020324 1800-01-01 Unknown
F020325 London Oil and Gas 1922-01-01 Unknown
F020326 Carman, F.J. 1917-06-01 Unknown
F020327 1800-01-01 Unknown
F020328 1800-01-01 Unknown
F020329 1917-07-01 Unknown
F020330 1800-01-01 Unknown
F020331 1800-01-01 Unknown
F020384 1800-01-01 Unknown
F020395 Carman, F.J. 1918-01-01 Unknown
F020404 Suspended Well
FG00002 Double B Well Services Ltd. 1952-06-23 Suspended Well
FG00005 Double B Well Services Ltd. 1952-07-17 Suspended Well
FG00006 Gillies, Keith 1938-08-09 Abandoned Well
FG00007 Gillies, Keith 1938-08-31 Abandoned Well
FG00008 Gillies, Keith 1938-09-20 Abandoned Well
FG00009 Gillies, Keith 1938-10-11 Abandoned Well
FG00010 Gillies, Keith 1939-07-21 Abandoned Well
FG00011 Gillies, Keith 1939-08-12 Abandoned Well
FG00012 Gillies, Keith 1939-08-28 Abandoned Well
FG00013 Gillies, Keith 1940-06-18 Abandoned Well
FG00014 Gillies, Keith 1940-08-08 Abandoned Well
FG00015 Gillies, Keith 1940-08-24 Abandoned Well
FG00016 Gillies, Keith 1942-05-01 Abandoned Well
FG00017 Gillies, Keith 1942-05-14 Abandoned Well
FG00018 Gillies, Keith 1948-06-18 Abandoned Well
FG00019 Gillies, Keith 1952-08-19 Abandoned Well
FG00022 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1941-08-23 Suspended Well
FG00023 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1941-09-09 Abandoned Well
FG00024 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1941-10-01 Abandoned Well
FG00025 Glencoe Waterflood Inc. 1945-07-02 Unknown
FG00026 McRae, Jim 1941-05-26 Abandoned Well
FG00027 McRae, Jim 1941-06-23 Abandoned Well
FG00029 Double B Well Services Ltd. 1948-05-03 Suspended Well
FG00032 Dominion Petroleum Company Ltd 1945-08-27 Unknown
FG00033 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1951-06-11 Abandoned Well
FG00034 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1951-07-14 Abandoned Well
FG00035 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1953-10-30 Abandoned Well
FG00036 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1953-12-05 Abandoned Well
FG00037 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1935-09-25 Abandoned Well
FG00038 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1937-09-09 Abandoned Well
FG00039 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1937-10-08 Abandoned Well
FG00040 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1937-11-04 Abandoned Well
FG00041 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1938-12-14 Abandoned Well
FG00042 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1938-02-28 Abandoned Well
FG00043 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1938-03-16 Abandoned Well
FG00044 Carolinian Farms Ltd. Abandoned Well
FG00045 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1941-05-21 Abandoned Well
FG00046 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1942-07-27 Abandoned Well
FG00047 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1942-08-24 Abandoned Well
FG00048 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1946-05-24 Abandoned Well
FG00049 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1946-08-17 Abandoned Well
FG00050 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1946-09-03 Abandoned Well
FG00051 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1946-11-08 Abandoned Well
FG00052 Carolinian Farms Ltd. Abandoned Well
FG00053 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1947-05-24 No Well Found
FG00054 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1952-09-22 Abandoned Well
FG00055 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1953-07-22 No Well Found
FG00056 McRae, Jim 1939-10-30 Abandoned Well
FG00057 McRae, Jim 1939-11-20 No Well Found
FG00058 McRae, Jim 1939-12-11 Abandoned Well
N001450 Carman, F.J. 1918-01-01 Unknown
N002300 Union Gas Limited 1931-05-01 Unknown
N002301 Union Gas Limited 1931-05-01 Unknown
N002302 Carman, F.J. 1918-07-01 Unknown
N002303 Union Gas Limited 1931-06-01 Unknown
N002304 Union Gas Limited 1931-05-01 Unknown
N002305 Carman, F.J. 1918-01-01 Unknown
N002306 Union Gas Limited 1931-07-01 Unknown
N002307 Union Gas Limited 1931-06-01 Unknown
N002308 Carman, F.J. 1918-01-01 Unknown
N002309 Carman, F.J. 1918-09-01 Unknown
N002310 Carman, F.J. 1918-01-01 Unknown
N002311 Union Gas Limited 1931-06-01 Unknown
N002312 Carman, F.J. 1918-01-01 Unknown
N002313 Unknown
N002314 Union Gas Limited 1931-04-01 Unknown
N002315 Carman, F.J. 1918-12-01 Unknown
N002316 Unknown
N002317 Carman, F.J. 1919-06-01 Unknown
N002318 Union Gas Limited 1931-05-01 Unknown
N002319 Carman, F.J. 1919-07-01 Unknown
N002320 Carman, F.J. 1919-01-01 Unknown
N002321 Savage, Major John 1880-01-01 Unknown
N002322 Carman, F.J. Unknown
N002323 Unknown
N002372 1888-01-01 Unknown
N002374 Unknown
N002375 Carman, F.J. 1919-04-01 Unknown
N002376 Unknown
N002377 Unknown
N002378 Unknown
N002379 Carman, F.J. 1919-02-01 Unknown
N002380 Carman, F.J. 1918-02-01 Unknown
N002381 Carman, F.J. 1919-01-01 Unknown
N002382 Carman, F.J. 1917-11-01 Unknown
N002383 Unknown
N002384 Mosa Oil & Gas Synd. Unknown
N002385 Ameracrude International Inc. 1917-03-28 Unknown
N002386 Ameracrude International Inc. 1919-10-05 Unknown
N002387 Ameracrude International Inc. 1919-10-04 Unknown
N002388 Ameracrude International Inc. 1917-09-18 Abandoned Well
N002389 Ameracrude International Inc. Unknown
N002390 Ameracrude International Inc. 1922-01-01 Abandoned Well
N002393 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1958-08-12 Suspended Well
N002398 Carolinian Farms Ltd. Abandoned Well
N002399 Carolinian Farms Ltd. Abandoned Well
N002400 Carolinian Farms Ltd. Abandoned Well
N002401 Carolinian Farms Ltd. Abandoned Well
N002402 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1939-09-18 Abandoned Well
N002403 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1953-08-23 Abandoned Well
N002404 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1953-09-18 Abandoned Well
N002405 Allegany Producing Corp. 1958-10-10 Suspended Well
N002406 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1958-08-20 Abandoned Well
N002407 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1958-09-03 Abandoned Well
N002408 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1958-09-10 Abandoned Well
N002410 Abandoned Well
N002411 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1958-11-11 Abandoned Well
N002412 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1958-11-04 Abandoned Well
N002413 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1958-10-27 Abandoned Well
N002414 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1958-09-18 Abandoned Well
N002417 Carolinian Farms Ltd. Abandoned Well
N002419 Carolinian Farms Ltd. Abandoned Well
N002422 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1918-05-07 Abandoned Well
N002427 Carolinian Farms Ltd. Abandoned Well
N002428 Carolinian Farms Ltd. Abandoned Well
N002429 Carolinian Farms Ltd. Abandoned Well
N002430 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1946-10-26 Abandoned Well
N002431 Dominion Petroleum Company Ltd 1942-09-15 Abandoned Well
N002432 Dominion Petroleum Company Ltd 1946-04-16 Abandoned Well
N002433 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1946-05-06 Abandoned Well
N002434 Carolinian Farms Ltd. Abandoned Well
N002435 Carolinian Farms Ltd. Abandoned Well
N002436 Carolinian Farms Ltd. Abandoned Well
N002437 Carolinian Farms Ltd. Abandoned Well
N002438 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1946-09-26 Abandoned Well
N002439 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1946-09-14 Abandoned Well
N002440 Carolinian Farms Ltd. Abandoned Well
N002441 Abandoned Well
N002442 Carolinian Farms Ltd. Abandoned Well
N002443 Carolinian Farms Ltd. Abandoned Well
N002444 Carolinian Farms Ltd. Abandoned Well
N002445 Carolinian Farms Ltd. Abandoned Well
N002446 Carolinian Farms Ltd. Abandoned Well
N002447 Carolinian Farms Ltd. Abandoned Well
N002448 Carolinian Farms Ltd. Abandoned Well
N002449 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1938-07-12 Abandoned Well
N002450 Allegany Producing Corp. 1958-08-27 Suspended Well
N002452 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1938-05-28 Abandoned Well
N002453 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1938-06-27 Abandoned Well
N002454 Ameracrude International Inc. 1960-09-09 Unknown
N002455 Ameracrude International Inc. 1918-01-01 Unknown
N002456 Ameracrude International Inc. 1918-01-01 Unknown
N002457 Ameracrude International Inc. 1918-01-01 Unknown
N002458 Ameracrude International Inc. Unknown
N002459 Wilson, Bert 1933-11-01 Abandoned Well
N003587 Mosa Oil & Gas Synd. 1918-01-01 Unknown
N003588 Ameracrude International Inc. Abandoned Well
N003589 Ameracrude International Inc. Abandoned Well
N003590 Gillies, Keith 1919-02-01 Abandoned Well
N003591 Gillies, Keith Abandoned Well
N003592 Gillies, Keith Abandoned Well
N003593 Gillies, Keith 1940-05-15 Abandoned Well
N003594 Gillies, Keith 1940-06-04 Abandoned Well
N003595 Gillies, Keith 1940-07-04 Abandoned Well
N003597 Gillies, Keith 1948-06-04 Abandoned Well
N003598 Gillies, Keith 1958-06-16 No Well Found
N003599 Gillies, Keith 1958-06-26 Abandoned Well
N003600 Gillies, Keith 1958-07-08 Abandoned Well
N003601 McRae, Jim 1958-07-14 Abandoned Well
N003602 McRae, Jim Abandoned Well
N003603 McRae, Jim Abandoned Well
N003604 McRae, Jim Abandoned Well
N003605 McRae, Jim Abandoned Well
N003606 McRae, Jim Abandoned Well
N003607 McRae, Jim 1940-01-13 Abandoned Well
N003608 McRae, Jim 1941-06-09 Abandoned Well
N003609 McRae, Jim 1941-07-07 Abandoned Well
N003610 McRae, Jim 1946-07-06 Abandoned Well
N003611 Double B Well Services Ltd. 1952-05-06 Suspended Well
N003612 McRae, Jim 1919-01-01 No Well Found
N003613 McRae, Jim 1918-01-01 Abandoned Well
N003614 McRae, Jim 1919-05-01 Abandoned Well
N003615 McRae, Jim 1958-07-22 Abandoned Well
N003617 McRae, Jim 1958-09-24 Abandoned Well
N003621 Ameracrude International Inc. 1924-03-03 Unknown
N003729 Carman, F.J. 1916-01-01 Unknown
N003730 Dominion Petroleum Company Ltd 1941-12-15 Abandoned Well
N003731 Ameracrude International Inc. Abandoned Well
N003732 Ameracrude International Inc. Unknown
N003734 Ameracrude International Inc. Unknown
N003736 Ameracrude International Inc. Unknown
N003737 Ameracrude International Inc. 1918-01-01 Unknown
N003738 Wilson and Carlyle Unknown
N003739 Wilson and Carlyle Unknown
N003740 Unknown
N003741 Mosa Oil & Gas Synd. 1918-01-01 Unknown
N003742 Mosa Oil & Gas Synd. 1918-01-01 Unknown
N003743 1919-01-01 Unknown
N003744 Unknown
N003745 Mosa Oil & Gas Synd. Unknown
N003746 Mosa Oil & Gas Synd. Unknown
N003747 Mosa Oil & Gas Synd. Unknown
N003748 Acme Gas & Oil Ltd Unknown
N003749 Unknown
N003750 Middlesex Gas Producers 1955-04-01 Abandoned Well
N003751 Unknown
N003752 Hutton, J.L. 1922-02-01 Unknown
N004017 Bradford Oil and Gas Company 1957-03-06 Abandoned Well
N004048 McRae, Jim 1959-08-22 Abandoned Well
T000331 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1959-09-09 No Well Found
T000333 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1959-10-03 Abandoned Well
T000334 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1959-10-10 Suspended Well
T000335 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1959-10-27 Abandoned Well
T000409 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1959-11-05 Abandoned Well
T000410 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1960-01-29 Abandoned Well
T000411 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1960-01-21 Abandoned Well
T000412 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1959-12-30 Abandoned Well
T000413 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1959-12-16 Abandoned Well
T000414 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1959-12-05 Abandoned Well
T000415 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1959-11-16 Abandoned Well
T000427 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1960-02-15 Abandoned Well
T000428 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1960-02-22 Abandoned Well
T000429 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1960-02-27 Abandoned Well
T000430 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1960-03-11 Abandoned Well
T000431 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1960-03-19 Abandoned Well
T000443 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1960-07-05 Abandoned Well
T000445 Carolinian Farms Ltd. Abandoned Well
T000446 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1960-05-31 Abandoned Well
T000521 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1960-08-02 Abandoned Well
T000522 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1960-06-30 Abandoned Well
T000523 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1960-06-22 Abandoned Well
T000524 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1960-07-06 Abandoned Well
T000525 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1960-07-15 Abandoned Well
T000604 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1960-10-20 Abandoned Well
T000607 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1960-09-29 Abandoned Well
T000704 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1960-10-03 Abandoned Well
T000705 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1960-07-25 Abandoned Well
T000706 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1960-07-28 Abandoned Well
T000707 McRae, Jim 1960-07-22 Abandoned Well
T000708 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1960-08-08 Abandoned Well
T000711 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1960-10-11 Abandoned Well
T000712 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1960-10-12 Abandoned Well
T000713 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1960-10-05 Abandoned Well
T000714 Carolinian Farms Ltd. Abandoned Well
T000715 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1960-09-19 Abandoned Well
T000716 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1960-09-12 Abandoned Well
T000717 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1960-09-01 Abandoned Well
T000718 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1960-08-25 Abandoned Well
T000719 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1960-08-16 Abandoned Well
T000720 McRae, Jim 1960-08-04 Abandoned Well
T000721 McRae, Jim 1960-08-15 Abandoned Well
T000730 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1960-10-27 Abandoned Well
T000740 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1960-09-03 Abandoned Well
T000741 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1960-08-29 Abandoned Well
T000742 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1960-08-23 Abandoned Well
T000745 Ameracrude International Inc. 1960-09-21 Abandoned Well
T000941 Ashton, Earl G. 1963-08-15 Abandoned Well
T001102 Nemec, John 1961-07-08 Abandoned Well
T001122 E.T. Pinney and Jenkins 1961-09-16 Abandoned Well
T001129 Ibsen Cobalt Silver Mines Limited Unknown
T001131 Nemec, John 1961-10-24 Abandoned Well
T001328 Anchor Petroleum Limited 1962-06-30 Abandoned Well
T001591 Den-Mar Brines Limited 1964-12-21 Active Well
T001592 Birchwood Petroleum Limited 1964-12-30 Abandoned Well
T001594 Anchor Petroleum Limited 1965-02-08 Abandoned Well
T001640 Imperial Oil Ltd 1963-08-03 Abandoned Well
T001967 Anchor Petroleum Limited 1965-06-21 Abandoned Well
T001968 Dundee Group 1965-06-26 Abandoned Well
T001986 Dundee Group 1965-10-29 Abandoned Well
T002062 Den-Mar Brines Limited 1966-04-23 Active Well
T002204 Den-Mar Brines Limited 1966-01-22 Active Well
T002232 Big "T" Oil & Gas Inc. 1966-09-28 Abandoned Well
T002426 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1967-12-06 Abandoned Well
T002436 Bradford, W.D. 1967-12-15 Abandoned Well
T003061 Roth and Roth Limited 1970-06-29 Abandoned Well
T003283 C-A Development Corporation 1971-09-27 Abandoned Well
T003293 Segovia, A. 1971-10-01 Abandoned Well
T003296 C-A Development Corporation 1971-10-11 Abandoned Well
T003369 Cameron Petroleum Inc. 1972-02-15 Abandoned Well
T003388 Cameron Petroleum Inc. 1972-05-31 Abandoned Well
T003389 Cameron Petroleum Inc. 1972-08-12 Abandoned Well
T003528 Wise Oil Company 1972-11-27 Abandoned Well
T003589 Wellhead Workers Inc. 1973-05-28 Abandoned Well
T003670 Englehart Diamond Developments Corporation 1973-08-29 Suspended Well
T003677 Cameron Petroleum Inc. 1973-09-22 Abandoned Well
T003717 Englehart Diamond Developments Corporation 1974-02-18 Suspended Well
T003744 79902 Resources Limited 1974-04-20 Abandoned Well
T003746 Englehart Diamond Developments Corporation 1974-02-27 Active Well
T003784 Talisman Energy Inc. 1974-04-22 Abandoned Well
T003804 Talisman Energy Inc. 1974-05-31 Abandoned Well
T003805 Talisman Energy Inc. 1974-05-21 Abandoned Well
T003838 Talisman Energy Inc. 1974-06-12 Abandoned Well
T003945 Lowrie Holdings Inc. 1975-03-10 Abandoned Well
T004101 Lowrie Holdings Inc. 1975-10-28 Abandoned Well
T005377 Talisman Energy Inc. 1980-07-14 Abandoned Well
T005903 Cameron, Mary Margaret 1982-07-02 Suspended Well
T006003 Wellhead Workers Inc. 1982-09-08 Abandoned Well
T006004 Wellhead Workers Inc. 1982-10-23 Abandoned Well
T006009 Wellhead Workers Inc. 1982-09-29 Abandoned Well
T006051 Wellhead Workers Inc. 1982-11-04 Abandoned Well
T006062 Walking Stick Oil & Gas Ltd. 1982-11-25 Abandoned Well
T006067 Wellhead Workers Inc. 1982-12-13 Abandoned Well
T006081 Walking Stick Oil & Gas Ltd. 1983-01-07 Abandoned Well
T006101 Wellhead Workers Inc. 1983-01-31 Abandoned Well
T006116 Wellhead Workers Inc. 1983-02-17 Abandoned Well
T006122 Wellhead Workers Inc. Abandoned Well
T006126 Wellhead Workers Inc. 1983-03-08 Abandoned Well
T006253 Wellhead Workers Inc. 1983-05-14 Abandoned Well
T006303 Wellhead Workers Inc. 1983-07-19 Abandoned Well
T006308 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1983-08-09 Suspended Well
T006309 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1983-08-01 Abandoned Well
T006312 Wellhead Workers Inc. Abandoned Well
T006313 Wellhead Workers Inc. 1983-01-05 Abandoned Well
T006314 Wellhead Workers Inc. 1983-01-01 Abandoned Well
T006315 Wellhead Workers Inc. 1983-01-01 Abandoned Well
T006316 Wellhead Workers Inc. 1983-01-01 Abandoned Well
T006317 Wellhead Workers Inc. Abandoned Well
T006318 Wellhead Workers Inc. 1983-01-01 Abandoned Well
T006319 Wellhead Workers Inc. 1983-01-01 Abandoned Well
T006326 Wellhead Workers Inc. 1983-06-16 Abandoned Well
T006327 Wellhead Workers Inc. 1982-12-12 Abandoned Well
T006328 Wellhead Workers Inc. 1983-02-15 Abandoned Well
T006330 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1983-09-02 Abandoned Well
T006361 Blackwell Petroleum Services Ltd. 1983-10-16 Abandoned Well
T006362 Blackwell Petroleum Services Ltd. 1983-09-30 Abandoned Well
T006363 Blackwell Petroleum Services Ltd. 1983-10-30 Abandoned Well
T006385 Blackwell Petroleum Services Ltd. 1983-11-04 Abandoned Well
T006386 Blackwell Petroleum Services Ltd. 1983-11-01 Abandoned Well
T006395 Blackwell Petroleum Services Ltd. 1983-11-13 Abandoned Well
T006397 Blackwell Petroleum Services Ltd. 1983-11-11 Abandoned Well
T006441 Talisman Energy Inc. 1984-02-23 Abandoned Well
T006442 Blackwell Petroleum Services Ltd. 1984-02-22 Abandoned Well
T006443 Blackwell Petroleum Services Ltd. 1984-03-07 Abandoned Well
T006569 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1984-08-09 Abandoned Well
T006593 Cameron Petroleum Inc. 1984-10-03 Abandoned Well
T006594 Cameron Petroleum Inc. 1984-09-25 Abandoned Well
T006686 Wellhead Workers Inc. 1985-01-24 Abandoned Well
T006687 Wellhead Workers Inc. 1985-01-24 Abandoned Well
T006688 Wellhead Workers Inc. 1947-06-09 Abandoned Well
T006689 Wellhead Workers Inc. 1947-06-21 Abandoned Well
T006690 Wellhead Workers Inc. 1947-07-07 Abandoned Well
T006691 Wellhead Workers Inc. 1947-07-21 Abandoned Well
T006692 Wellhead Workers Inc. 1947-08-07 Abandoned Well
T006693 Wellhead Workers Inc. 1947-08-21 Abandoned Well
T006876 Talisman Energy Inc. 1985-09-05 Abandoned Well
T006882 Sussex Explorations Limited 1985-09-30 Abandoned Well
T006884 Sussex Explorations Limited 1985-09-17 Abandoned Well
T006908 C.G. Oil Exploration Inc. 1985-10-23 Abandoned Well
T006960 Hewitt Oil (Alberta) Ltd. 1985-12-28 Abandoned Well
T007234 Talisman Energy Inc. 1988-02-11 Abandoned Well
T007797 959753 Ontario Ltd. 1991-07-23 Abandoned Well
T008249 Lyleton Corporation 1995-10-20 Abandoned Well
T008569 Triton Oil and Gas Inc. 1955-01-18 Abandoned Well
T008570 Triton Oil and Gas Inc. 1957-07-25 Active Well
T009124 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1918-05-10 Abandoned Well
T009369 Carolinian Farms Ltd. No Well Found
T009371 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1964-11-10 Abandoned Well
T009418 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1941-07-22 Abandoned Well
T009465 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1918-01-01 No Well Found
T009466 Ameracrude International Inc. Suspended Well
T009467 Carolinian Farms Ltd. 1918-04-22 Abandoned Well
T010744 1031094 Ontario Ltd. 2004-08-24 Active Well
T011203 Tyche Energy Inc. 2005-02-28 Abandoned Well
T011220 Rowe Energy Corporation 2005-03-22 Abandoned Well
T011374 1031094 Ontario Ltd. 2006-02-09 Active Well
T012297 Orex Energy Inc. 2013-08-08 Abandoned Well
T012325 Orex Energy Inc. 2013-11-18 Abandoned Well

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