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Clearbeach Resources Inc.

Operator Details

Operator Name: Clearbeach Resources Inc.
Other Operator Alias:
Registered Ontario Address:
Registered Ontario Phone Number:

Addresses listed above are those on file with the relevant regulator.

For data sources see[1]

Operator Well Data

Well ID State/Province County/Division Municipality/Subdivision License/Permit Date Spud Date Unconventional Configuration Well/License Status Well Pad ID
F003622 ON Lambton St. Clair 1948-12-18 Vertical Abandoned Well
F003646 ON Lambton St. Clair 1946-08-15 Vertical Abandoned Well
F003661 ON Lambton St. Clair 1947-09-23 Vertical Abandoned Well
F010456 ON Lambton Warwick 1953-07-11 Vertical Active Well
T000930 ON Chatham-Kent Chatham-Kent 1962-08-22 Vertical Suspended Well
T000945 ON Lambton St. Clair 1963-08-27 Vertical Abandoned Well
T001303 ON Chatham-Kent Chatham-Kent 1962-03-06 Vertical Active Well
T001313 ON Chatham-Kent Chatham-Kent 1962-05-18 Vertical Abandoned Well
T001334 ON Chatham-Kent Chatham-Kent 1962-08-11 Vertical Abandoned Well
T001335 ON Chatham-Kent Chatham-Kent 1962-08-17 Vertical Abandoned Well
T001343 ON Chatham-Kent Chatham-Kent 1962-11-02 Vertical Active Well
T001346 ON Chatham-Kent Chatham-Kent 1962-11-05 Vertical Abandoned Well
T001347 ON Chatham-Kent Chatham-Kent 1962-11-14 Vertical Abandoned Well
T001518 ON Lambton St. Clair 1963-10-28 Vertical Abandoned Well
T001598 ON Lambton St. Clair 1965-03-16 Vertical Abandoned Well
T001606 ON Chatham-Kent Chatham-Kent 1963-01-30 Vertical Abandoned Well
T001610 ON Chatham-Kent Chatham-Kent 1963-02-23 Vertical Active Well
T001616 ON Chatham-Kent Chatham-Kent 1963-04-16 Vertical Active Well
T001622 ON Chatham-Kent Chatham-Kent 1963-06-01 Vertical Active Well
T001637 ON Lambton St. Clair 1963-07-23 Vertical Abandoned Well
T001639 ON Lambton St. Clair 1963-07-09 Vertical Active Well
T001785 ON Elgin Dutton/Dunwich 1965-01-27 Vertical Abandoned Well
T001791 ON Elgin Dutton/Dunwich 1965-06-16 Vertical Abandoned Well
T001798 ON Elgin Dutton/Dunwich 1966-07-13 Vertical Active Well
T001888 ON Lambton St. Clair 1964-11-09 Vertical Abandoned Well
T002002 ON Elgin Dutton/Dunwich 1965-04-05 Vertical Active Well
T002003 ON Elgin Dutton/Dunwich 1965-04-09 Vertical Active Well
T002011 ON Elgin Dutton/Dunwich 1965-06-12 Vertical Abandoned Well
T002103 ON Elgin Dutton/Dunwich 1966-03-12 Vertical Abandoned Well
T002114 ON Chatham-Kent Chatham-Kent 1966-05-18 Vertical Abandoned Well
T002115 ON Chatham-Kent Chatham-Kent 1963-06-20 Vertical Abandoned Well
T002121 ON Chatham-Kent Chatham-Kent 1967-08-18 Vertical Abandoned Well
T002506 ON Lambton Brooke-Alvinston 1968-05-22 Vertical Active Well
T002509 ON Elgin Dutton/Dunwich 1968-06-18 Vertical Abandoned Well
T002526 ON Elgin Dutton/Dunwich 1968-06-21 Vertical Abandoned Well
T002550 ON Lambton St. Clair 1968-07-23 Vertical Abandoned Well
T002572 ON Elgin Dutton/Dunwich 1968-08-10 Vertical Active Well
T002594 ON Elgin Dutton/Dunwich 1968-09-26 Vertical Active Well
T002605 ON Lambton Brooke-Alvinston 1968-09-28 Vertical Active Well
T002644 ON Elgin Dutton/Dunwich 1969-01-08 Vertical Abandoned Well
T002692 ON Lambton Brooke-Alvinston 1969-03-13 Vertical Active Well
T002967 ON Elgin Dutton/Dunwich 1970-05-20 Vertical Abandoned Well
T003001 ON Elgin Dutton/Dunwich 1970-06-09 Vertical Abandoned Well
T003529 ON Huron South Huron 1973-01-16 Vertical Active Well
T003536 ON Lambton Brooke-Alvinston 1972-12-18 Vertical Active Well
T004321 ON Oxford South-West Oxford 1977-01-07 Vertical Abandoned Well
T004330 ON Oxford South-West Oxford 1977-02-17 Vertical Abandoned Well
T004621 ON Lambton Brooke-Alvinston 1978-02-23 Vertical Active Well
T004914 ON Lambton Dawn-Euphemia 1979-02-28 Vertical Active Well
T005422 ON Elgin Dutton/Dunwich 1980-08-26 Vertical Active Well
T006011 ON Lambton Dawn-Euphemia 1982-10-04 Vertical Active Well
T006733 ON Lambton Dawn-Euphemia 1985-04-18 Vertical Active Well
T006806 ON Lambton Dawn-Euphemia 1985-05-29 Vertical Active Well
T006835 ON Lambton Dawn-Euphemia 1985-07-09 Vertical Active Well
T007013 ON Chatham-Kent Chatham-Kent 1986-04-07 Vertical Active Well
T007246 ON Elgin Dutton/Dunwich 1988-03-10 Vertical Active Well
T007428 ON Chatham-Kent Chatham-Kent 1988-12-02 Vertical Active Well
T007441 ON Huron Bluewater 1989-01-09 Vertical Active Well
T007482 ON Lambton St. Clair 1989-05-12 Vertical Active Well
T007498 ON Chatham-Kent Chatham-Kent 1989-07-10 Vertical Active Well
T007509 ON Chatham-Kent Chatham-Kent 1989-08-16 Vertical Active Well
T007583 ON Lambton St. Clair 1990-02-28 Vertical Active Well
T007598 ON Chatham-Kent Chatham-Kent 1990-05-02 Vertical Active Well
T007684 ON Elgin Dutton/Dunwich 1990-10-26 Vertical Active Well
T007848 ON Lambton St. Clair 1991-12-30 Vertical Active Well
T007875 ON Lambton St. Clair 1992-06-18 Vertical Active Well
T007901 ON Elgin West Elgin 1992-08-28 Vertical Active Well
T007945 ON Chatham-Kent Chatham-Kent 1993-03-03 Vertical Active Well
T008182 ON Elgin Dutton/Dunwich 1994-07-07 Vertical Active Well
T008295 ON Elgin Dutton/Dunwich 1995-06-05 Vertical Active Well
T008380 ON Essex Leamington 1995-11-13 Vertical Abandoned Well
T008400 ON Lambton Brooke-Alvinston 1996-03-13 Vertical Abandoned Well
T008406 ON Chatham-Kent Chatham-Kent Vertical Active Well
T008442 ON Essex Leamington 1996-08-09 Vertical Abandoned Well
T008455 ON Essex Kingsville 1997-11-01 Vertical Active Well
T008472 ON Essex Lakeshore 1997-01-14 Vertical Abandoned Well
T008494 ON Essex Kingsville 1997-04-05 Vertical Active Well
T008534 ON Oxford Blandford-Blenheim 1997-07-03 Vertical Active Well
T008545 ON Oxford Blandford-Blenheim 1997-08-18 Vertical Active Well
T008560 ON Oxford Blandford-Blenheim 1997-12-02 Vertical Active Well
T008588 ON Lambton St. Clair 1950-06-16 Vertical Active Well
T008589 ON Lambton St. Clair 1950-08-10 Vertical Abandoned Well
T008590 ON Lambton St. Clair 1949-01-19 Vertical Abandoned Well
T008591 ON Lambton St. Clair 1950-01-21 Vertical Abandoned Well
T008592 ON Lambton St. Clair 1950-03-07 Vertical Active Well
T008593 ON Lambton St. Clair 1948-04-13 Vertical Active Well
T008595 ON Lambton St. Clair 1950-03-13 Vertical Active Well
T008596 ON Lambton St. Clair 1950-06-05 Vertical Active Well
T008597 ON Lambton St. Clair 1947-03-07 Vertical Active Well
T008598 ON Lambton St. Clair 1949-10-09 Vertical Abandoned Well
T008599 ON Lambton St. Clair 1948-12-07 Vertical Active Well
T008600 ON Lambton St. Clair 1948-07-29 Vertical Abandoned Well
T008601 ON Lambton St. Clair 1949-08-12 Vertical Abandoned Well
T008602 ON Lambton St. Clair 1950-03-07 Vertical Abandoned Well
T008603 ON Lambton St. Clair 1949-05-05 Vertical Active Well
T008604 ON Lambton St. Clair 1948-10-28 Vertical Active Well
T008605 ON Lambton St. Clair 1948-12-17 Vertical Abandoned Well
T008606 ON Lambton St. Clair 1948-09-11 Vertical Abandoned Well
T008607 ON Lambton St. Clair 1946-08-28 Vertical Abandoned Well
T008608 ON Lambton St. Clair 1948-04-30 Vertical Abandoned Well
T008609 ON Lambton St. Clair 1949-06-27 Vertical Suspended Well
T008610 ON Lambton St. Clair 1947-06-09 Vertical Abandoned Well
T008611 ON Lambton St. Clair 1947-07-14 Vertical Active Well
T008612 ON Lambton St. Clair 1947-07-25 Vertical Abandoned Well
T008613 ON Lambton St. Clair 1947-02-03 Vertical Active Well
T008614 ON Lambton St. Clair 1948-12-29 Vertical Active Well
T008615 ON Lambton St. Clair 1952-08-29 Vertical Abandoned Well
T008616 ON Lambton St. Clair 1951-04-27 Vertical Active Well
T008617 ON Lambton St. Clair 1954-06-10 Vertical Active Well
T008618 ON Chatham-Kent Chatham-Kent 1950-09-27 Vertical Abandoned Well
T008619 ON Lambton St. Clair 1946-04-23 Vertical Abandoned Well
T008620 ON Lambton St. Clair 1948-02-28 Vertical Active Well
T008621 ON Lambton St. Clair 1946-12-30 Vertical Abandoned Well
T008657 ON Huron Huron East 1998-04-02 Vertical Active Well
T008724 ON Essex Kingsville 1998-06-05 Vertical Active Well
T008825 ON Elgin West Elgin 1998-12-09 Vertical Active Well
T009249 ON Huron South Huron 2000-03-08 Vertical Active Well
T009468 ON Chatham-Kent Chatham-Kent 2000-05-19 Horizontal Active Well
T009602 ON Huron Bluewater 2000-11-06 Vertical Active Well
T010097 ON Huron South Huron 2001-09-21 Vertical Active Well
T010145 ON Lambton St. Clair 2002-02-13 Vertical Active Well
T010621 ON Lambton St. Clair 2003-06-04 Vertical Active Well
T010631 ON Elgin Dutton/Dunwich 2003-09-03 Vertical Abandoned Well
T010690 ON Chatham-Kent Chatham-Kent 2003-12-02 Horizontal Active Well
T011140 ON Chatham-Kent Chatham-Kent 2004-09-09 Vertical Abandoned Well
T011302 ON Chatham-Kent Chatham-Kent 2005-10-19 Vertical Abandoned Well
T011362 ON Chatham-Kent Chatham-Kent 2005-12-08 Vertical Active Well
T011476 ON Lambton St. Clair 2007-01-24 Vertical Potential
T011634A ON Huron Bluewater 2007-11-27 Vertical Abandoned Well
T012020 ON Lambton St. Clair 2010-02-24 Vertical Abandoned Well
T012032 ON Elgin Dutton/Dunwich Vertical Active Well
T012066 ON Lambton Enniskillen 2010-09-16 Vertical Abandoned Well
T012101 ON Elgin Dutton/Dunwich 2011-06-27 Vertical Suspended Well
T012124 ON Elgin Dutton/Dunwich 2011-08-08 Vertical Active Well
T012148 ON Elgin Dutton/Dunwich 2012-01-23 Vertical Suspended Well
T012152 ON Elgin Dutton/Dunwich 2012-03-27 Vertical Active Well
T012157 ON Elgin Dutton/Dunwich 2012-05-28 Vertical Active Well
T012274 ON Elgin Dutton/Dunwich 2013-05-21 Vertical Active Well

For data sources see[2][3][4]


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